Comparison between vcare credits and offline accounting system

Vcare Credits

  • Completely hosted accounting information in the cloud
  • Access to system can be as open as or as restricted as desired.
  • Accessed using the internet
  • No additional training required
  • 24x7 support
  • Information safe, secure independent of office location
  • Ability to attach documentation (invoices from suppliers)
  • Information is backed up everyday
  • Many other features

Offline accounting system

  • Susceptible to computer/server crashes
  • Risk to work being affected when computers or systems are confiscated by income tax or other authorities (SAM audits).
  • Other unforeseen risks such as fire/water and other hazards.
  • Cumbersome backup procedures
  • Generally backup is stored on the same system or network
  • Backup may not be current; susceptible to power based outages


Vcare Credit is simple and intuitive, so accounting isn't intimidating. Plus you can talk to a real, live person anytime you have a question, 9am-6pm IST, Monday to Friday.
phone number


Information is encrypted.

Connection is secure and information is stored in redundant locations.

Never worry every again about lost data or backup's.

Access your accounting software from any location or restrict location.


Supports workflows:
Gives the ability to enter permission based accounting, (entry and approval, based on amounts or specific accounts)

Upload supporting documentation. (Ever been in a situation that you can't find old invoices).

Vcare Credits gives you a feature to upload documentation such as invoices, and other supporting documentation.